Available Releases:

Alruna - Relieving the Altar — Cassette, 4€

5 years after its initial manifestation appears a new cassette release of this farouche project. 18 minutes of cold, distant and atmospheric Black Metal.

Released by Tour de Garde. Listen here

Hagzissa - Promo 2017 — Cassette, 4€

“From down below the moors to pitchest skies above. There dances a shape - sluggish but frantic, crowing and old.” An abysmal midtempo waltz, reminding of old greek Black Metal and italian Doom Metal. Featuring members of KRINGA and SERPERE.

Last remaining copies of the initial promo-tape. Listen via IRON BONEHEAD

Brånd - Demo 2015 / Hoam — Cassette, 4€

Ildjarn for sunnier days.

Few available here, also available at Tour de Garde. Listen here

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