Anticipated Releases:

Brånd - Urkraft (12")

Remixed audio and mastered for vinyl by J. Wood (Fallow Field). Released in cooperation with Tour De Garde
Listen here

Brånd / Calvary Split (12")

Joint effort of those Raw Black Metal outfits, delving into the atmospheres of unobstrusive backcountries. Limited to 300 copies, released in cooperation with Tour De Garde and Fallow Field
No sample

Gates Of Londra (MC)

13 minutes of raw and triumphal industrial black metal by R.F. (Rosa Nebel, Parasite Dreams, etc.). Limited to 100 copies.
Listen here

Spectres & Teeth - No Magick Spawns! (MC/12")

After dwelling in mucid cellars for over 5 years we unearth this beast of primitive Black/Death Metal. Tape released in cooperation with Into Endless Chaos Records, who will also release the material on vinyl!
Listen here

Weathered Crest - Broken Column (MC)

Raw Black Metal dedicated to the fall of civilisations. Tape released in cooperation with Fallow Field.
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